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NECO NorthWest Alumni And Honorary Members


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Please note that member info is still being updated. Expected completion time will be mid/late September. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.
Pix? Member Name & Profile Link From Status Remarks
Mark Schanzenbach British Columbia Alum./Hon. Currently Drives a Mini Cooper 'S'
  Edwin Lin British Columbia Honorary Currently Cougar-Hunting...Will be a full member soon!
Nathan Kumar British Columbia Alumni Now drives a 2001 Mustang
  Shane Hayes Washington Alumni He Moved to California
  Scott Tembreull Washington Alumni Now Drives a 99 Ram Air Trans Am
  Jered Reynolds Washington Alumni Now drives an Expedition
Ryan McLeaird Washington (formerly) Alumni Now living in Texas, and without Couginator
Shawn Adams Washington (formerly) Alumni Moved out east somewhere...
Henry Barber Washington Alum./Hon. Now Drives a '69 Stang!
  Adrian Trujillo Idaho Alumni Sold his Cougar


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Last Modified: September 13, 2002